Emerging Professionals

IES Emerging Professionals

The Emerging Professionals Initiative of the IES shall be an organization of members — regardless of membership classification — and shall provide unique opportunities for mentorship within the IES. Each member shall retain his/her own membership category of student, associate or member while participating in the group.

An Emerging Professional (EP) is a recent graduate entering the workforce for the first time OR a professional making a career move/change. A person shall be considered an emerging professional for five (5) years after graduation or entry into the lighting industry. Students will be considered members of this group.


Hear what our EPs have to say
The EP Column addresses issues affecting younger lighting professionals and those new to the industry.

Join the discussion on Facebook
Join the discussion on Facebook

The benefits of the Emerging Professionals Initiative are numerous and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Encourages younger members and those new to the Industry to get actively involved in the IES.
  • Creates special learning opportunities.
  • Creates programs/activities geared toward EP members’ interests.
  • Develops EP professional skills and abilities.
  • Expands the young professionals’ recognition in the community.
  • Creates new leadership and integrates new ideas into the Society.
  • Creates opportunities for Emerging Professionals to share their concerns and needs with each other and to facilitate the fulfillment of those requirements.
  • Provides a much needed voice to the Society about future needs.
  • Provides opportunities to meet mentors.
  • Provides both Local and Society service and career opportunities for Emerging Professionals.

For more information about becoming an Emerging Professional contact Marie Meacham, 212-248-5000