About Us

We are a non-profit technical society whose purpose is to advance lighting knowledge and disseminate information for the improvement of the lighted environment to the benefit of society.

The Nashville Section is comprised of engineers, lighting designers, manufacturers, architects, contractors, distributors, and others with a passion for lighting.

This section holds monthly educational meetings to discuss the latest in lighting and industry trends.

Section Officers:

President: Danny Streit, LC, Associate IALD, MIES
Past President: Randy Reid
Vice-President: Mr. Robert Szokolay
Treasurer: J.R. Edens
Secretary: Claudia Gabay Jones

Board of Managers:

Mr. Anthony J. Denami, LC, MIES
Mr. Richard K. Davis, LC, MIES
Mr. Sean Clare, IES

Regional Vice-Chair: Tanya Hernandez

Committee and Program Chairs:

Illumination Awards Chair: Mr. Keith Patterson, LC, MIES
Membership Chair: Mr. Scott Doll
Program Chair: Robert Follis
Education Chair: Mr. Steve Palmer
Nominating Chair:
PR/Awards Chair: Mr. Anthony J. Denami, LC, MIES